Crapulence in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Crapulence

illness due to overeating or drinking too much

Examples of Crapulence in a sentence

After the winner consumed 44 pancakes at the 25th Annual Lakesmith Pancake Eating Contest, the crapulence he felt made him bedridden for the next few hours. 🔊

Eating at a buffet will sometimes cause patrons to have crapulence since they would eat as much as possible to make it worth the cost of the buffet.  🔊

When the server continued to bring the man milkshake after milkshake, it wasn’t long before the man began feeling crapulence from the excessive intake of ice cream. 🔊

Halloween night usually plagues children with crapulence if their parents do not put a limit on the amount of candy they can eat on that night.  🔊

Leslie’s crapulence was due in most part to eating four filled plates of fried chicken, potato salad and chocolate cake at the family reunion.  🔊

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