Scrupulous in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Scrupulous

very careful about doing something correctly

Examples of Scrupulous in a sentence

1. Because Shannon is a scrupulous editor, she never misses errors when she proofreads a document.  🔉

2. Will is a scrupulous employee who always checks his work for accuracy. 🔉

3. Scrupulous landscapers are careful to only destroy weeds and not the beautiful vegetation. 🔉

4. Although Margaret tries to be a scrupulous cleaner, she sometimes forgets to dust off the bookshelves. 🔉

5. The baker paid scrupulous attention to making the roses perfect on the wedding cake.  🔉

6. If you want to keep your job, you need to be scrupulous about completing your work in the proper fashion. 🔉

7. Josh is a scrupulous dancer who will practice a step repeatedly until he can make the motion effortlessly.  🔉

8. As a surgeon, my husband has to be very scrupulous when he is performing life-saving operations.  🔉

9. Most detectives are scrupulous individuals who do not let small details escape their notice. 🔉

10. When it comes to business matters, Edward is a scrupulous investor who only devotes resources to profitable ventures. 🔉

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