Conscientious in a Sentence  πŸ”‰

Definition of Conscientious

working hard and careful to do things well

Examples of Conscientious in a sentence

1. Carrie is a conscientious worker who completes every task. πŸ”‰

2. Because my brother is a conscientious objector, he refuses to serve in the military. πŸ”‰

3. Although Jack is a conscientious student, he failed yesterday’s math test. πŸ”‰

4. In my neighborhood, conscientious people are working to protect our environment. πŸ”‰

5. Even though I am a very conscientious person, I do not pay so much attention to the small details that I ignore the big picture. πŸ”‰

6. Because the doctor had to make life-saving decisions every day, he was very conscientious about his work. πŸ”‰

7. During the recession, James lost his job even though he was a conscientious worker. πŸ”‰

8. At times, my daughter is so conscientious she will spend the entire day on a single project. πŸ”‰

9. In order to be a skilled pianist, one must be very conscientious while practicing. πŸ”‰

10. The company is looking to hire a dependable and conscientious accountant. πŸ”‰

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