Allude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Allude

to make an indirect reference

Examples of Allude in a sentence

The teacher asked the students to not allude to any online sources in their research papers. 🔊

Even though the author claims his new work does not allude to his previous novel, it actually does contain a reference in the book’s second chapter. 🔊

For the dedicated searchers, there are clues hidden in the forest which allude to the treasure’s location. 🔊

In his upcoming speech, the president will allude to his economic stimulus plan. 🔊

The mafia boss ordered his men to not allude to any criminal activity during their telephone conversations. 🔊

Everyone is wondering if the singer will allude to her latest failed relationship in her new song. 🔊

As a parent, I am not afraid to allude to a number of possible consequences when my daughter starts to misbehave. 🔊

Because the pastor is concerned about the number of divorces among his clergy, he will allude to the importance of marriage during Sunday’s sermon. 🔊

In his opening statement, the prosecuting attorney is not allowed to allude to the defendant’s former crimes. 🔊

Eric was a boastful man who never missed an opportunity to allude to his own wealth. 🔊

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