Mien in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mien

manner or conduct especially indicating one's mood or character

Examples of Mien in a sentence

When I saw his downcast face and gloomy mien, I knew he hadn’t gotten the promotion.  🔊

Although Mary Jane usually exhibits a mild-mannered mien, she can get pretty fierce when there’s a sale at her favorite store.  🔊

Reginald has a naturally dignified mien that makes him the perfect actor to play the role of the butler in this movie.  🔊

The toddler had such a joyful mien that he brought smiles to the faces of everyone he came in contact with.  🔊

Although Rocco has a wild, reckless mien, that doesn’t stop beautiful women from flocking to him everywhere he goes.  🔊

Even though it isn’t essential for the prince’s future wife to have a regal mien, she should at least be graceful and dignified.  🔊

After the inspiring Easter sunrise service, all the parishioners walked out of the church with a more reverent mien.  🔊

When the doorbell rang at midnight, Brian’s mien was guarded as he peered through the peephole in the front door.  🔊

Andrew displays a brash mien that tends to offend people who don’t know what a nice guy he really is.  🔊

After telling all the passengers to remain buckled in their seats, the flight attendants tried to maintain a mien of calmness as the pilot brought the plane in for an emergency landing.  🔊

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