Amity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Amity

a supportive relationship between people or countries

Examples of Amity in a sentence

Because of the amity in our subdivision, everyone looks out for each other. 🔊

The purpose of the treaty is to help the two countries develop amity so they can live in cooperation instead of in war. 🔊

For over seventy years, my aunt and uncle have lived together in amity. 🔊

The amity between the two neighbors led them to share food supplies during the harsh winter storm. 🔊

In a perfect world, teachers and parents work in amity to help students be successful in school. 🔊

The Girl Scouts is an organization created to foster amity among girls of all ethnic groups. 🔊

If the committee members do not work in amity, the budget will never be finalized. 🔊

In the absence of amity between countries, wars often begin. 🔊

The video about the large dog living in amity with the motherless kitten is sure to warm your heart. 🔊

Even though Meredith and her ex-husband are no longer on good terms, they always come together in amity for their children. 🔊

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