Obsequious in a Sentence

Definition of Obsequious

Excessively submissive; overly obedient

Use Obsequious in a sentence

The princess had obsequious servants who showered her with attention.

At work, the obsequious assistant complimented her manager so much that she quickly advanced up the corporate ladder.

When he receives obsequious service, Lawrence always leaves a huge tip.

Extremely obsequious, most puppies want nothing more than to please their masters.

Since it was constantly stroked by her obsequious entourage, the singer’s ego was gigantic.

An excellent waiter is one who is obsequious and caters to a guest’s every need.

From his obsequious behavior, it was obvious Jackson was smitten with his wife.

It infuriates me that your obsequious personality makes you agree with every word I say!

Jane is the teacher’s favorite because she is so obsequious in class.

While the car salesman was overly obsequious, I did not feel comfortable buying a car from him.

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