Obsequious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Obsequious

Excessively submissive; overly obedient

Examples of Obsequious in a sentence

The princess had obsequious servants who showered her with attention.  🔊

At work, the obsequious assistant complimented her manager so much that she quickly advanced up the corporate ladder.  🔊

When he receives obsequious service, Lawrence always leaves a huge tip.  🔊

Extremely obsequious, most puppies want nothing more than to please their masters.  🔊

Since it was constantly stroked by her obsequious entourage, the singer’s ego was gigantic.  🔊

An excellent waiter is one who is obsequious and caters to a guest’s every need.  🔊

From his obsequious behavior, it was obvious Jackson was smitten with his wife.  🔊

It infuriates me that your obsequious personality makes you agree with every word I say!  🔊

Jane is the teacher’s favorite because she is so obsequious in class.  🔊

While the car salesman was overly obsequious, I did not feel comfortable buying a car from him.  🔊

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