Amorphous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Amorphous

having no clear shape or form

Examples of Amorphous in a sentence

Because the painting was amorphous, I had no idea what it represented.  🔊

The political candidate hoped voters would not realize his budget proposal had no substance and was merely amorphous.  🔊

Under the microscope, the unknown virus appeared to be amorphous.  🔊

It is impossible to see a shape in the large amorphous cloud floating above our house.  🔊

While your business idea sounds good, your proposal is too amorphous to define your purpose.  🔊

Most romantic people consider love to be amorphous because it has no clear form and crosses all barriers.  🔊

Since there is no defining line between the two countries, the border is amorphous.  🔊

The amorphous laws are hard to follow because they are not clearly defined.  🔊

In the movie, the blob is an amorphous creature, without shape, that slides across the ground and swallows up everything in its path.  🔊

When I look at the ocean from the beach, all I see is an amorphous body of water that has no boundaries restricting it.  🔊

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