Apathy in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Apathy

a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm

Examples of Apathy in a sentence

1. While some of the group’s members could not stop talking during the budget discussion, other members were frozen with apathy and did not engage in the conversation.  🔉

2. Because of voter apathy, the government was concerned about the election turnout. 🔉

3. When people close their eyes to world affairs, apathy becomes dangerous because there is no one to speak out against injustice. 🔉

4. The apathy of today’s youth is slowly overtaking that group’s ability to make a positive change on this planet. 🔉

5. A company’s primary goal is to replace a consumer’s apathy with longing. 🔉

6. Since the football team has not won a game all year, there is a rising apathy among the cheerleaders. 🔉

7. If you go to church, the visit may revive you from your spiritual apathy. 🔉

8. Because the recent economic downturn may mean reduced sales, stores are very concerned about shopper apathy. 🔉

9. If teachers do not find a way to reduce student apathy, more young people will drop out of school before earning their diplomas. 🔉

10. Despite the fact the kitten was healthy, the mother cat showed apathy for it and would not allow it to nurse. 🔉

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