Contemptuous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contemptuous

showing or feeling deep hatred for someone or something

Examples of Contemptuous in a sentence

Because he was often in pain, my grandfather was a contemptuous old man who looked down upon practically everyone.  🔊

Since my husband was not born in America, my father acts in a contemptuous manner towards him.  🔊

Did the salesgirl speak to me in a contemptuous manner because I was wearing dirty jeans?  🔊

Even though Hiram found the contract terms contemptuous, he still signed the agreement.  🔊

She is contemptuous of me simply because I do not agree with her every word.  🔊

Throughout the trial, it was apparent the unrepentant serial killer was contemptuous of the victims.  🔊

Often, I find myself contemptuous of those who pretend they cannot see the homeless problem.  🔊

With a contemptuous look on his face, the escaped convict pointed his gun at the unarmed police officer.  🔊

After announcing the life sentence, the judge called the guilty man contemptuous.  🔊

The diva was contemptuous of everyone who could not afford to sit in the first-class cabin of the airplane.  🔊

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