Apothegm in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Apothegm

a short, witty, instructive saying

Examples of Apothegm in a sentence

Don’t cry over spilled milk is an apothegm which has become worn from overuse, but which will forever remain true and relevant.  🔊

I created my own bumper sticker using the apothegm "it is what it is" for my old red 1989 Ford pickup truck.  🔊

Growing up, mom always used the apothegm "failure teaches success" although I do not know where she got it from.  🔊

Our spiritual leader peppers his speeches with one apothegm after another because he says that maxims tend to stick in people’s minds.  🔊

One of my mother's favorite apothegms was that “you can’t buy happiness.”  🔊

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