Appellation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Appellation

a term or title by which a person or thing is identified

Examples of Appellation in a sentence

Because there is no appellation on the product, consumers are confused about the brand's name.  🔊

Henry cheated on the bar exam so he does not deserve the appellation of attorney.  🔊

In high school my friends would often refer to me as Penguin, an appellation I earned because of my unusual walk.  🔊

The wine bottle’s appellation revealed the wine was prepared in Italy.  🔊

Since the kids’ shampoo does not include an appellation that identifies it as tear-free, I will not buy the product for my son.  🔊

It is not surprising that most restaurants near the Grand Canyon use the attraction’s appellation in their names.  🔊

When one refers to a wine’s appellation, one is speaking of the area or region in which the vintage was produced.  🔊

Only a few people are allowed to call William by the appellation of Bill.  🔊

As soon as I saw the city’s winding road, I knew why the path had the appellation of “The Most Crooked Street in the World.”  🔊

The singer’s publicist announced the artist was once again changing the appellation by which he would be known.  🔊

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