Tautology in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tautology

speech or text in which something is restated unnecessarily

Examples of Tautology in a sentence

The politician’s advertisement was simply tautology he restated several times within a thirty second period.  🔊

When the lawyer spoke to the jury, he used tautology to make the jurors aware of his point without being repetitive.  🔊

The teacher explained the tautology in the “the dead corpse” by reminding students that a corpse is already dead.  🔊

During the interview, Jerry used tautology to restate John’s motives while distracting the police from his own intentions.  🔊

Joan knew her daughter was lying because of the way in which she used tautology to paraphrase her activity several times.  🔊

As the editor reviewed the novel, she highlighted the instances of tautology where the author unnecessarily restated a point.  🔊

Tautology and repetition differ in the fact tautology rewords an idea while repetition duplicates the idea using the same terms.  🔊

When the English professor told us to prepay for the trip in advance, I wondered if she heard the tautology in her statement.  🔊

The salesman's use of tautology backfired when my wife grew bored after hearing the car's advantages over and over again.  🔊

Since I lacked the facts to write a five-page essay, my final paper included two pages of tautology that restated the other pages.  🔊

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