Plunder in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Plunder

to take forcefully usually during a time of disorder

Examples of Plunder in a sentence

During the protest riots, angry citizens began to plunder goods from closed stores.  🔊

The thieves were arrested as they attempted to plunder the diamond necklace from the security guard.  🔊

As the store manager walked to the bank, a man attacked him in an attempt to plunder the bank deposits.  🔊

The pirates tried to overtake the yacht so they could plunder the billionaire’s valuables.  🔊

If the guard dogs were not at the salvage yard, robbers would attempt to plunder the metals.  🔊

The tribesman was killed when he tried to plunder a horse from an enemy village.  🔊

When the gang heard the old man kept thousands of dollars in his house, they decided to tie him up and plunder his money.  🔊

The commanding officer will arrest any soldier who tries to plunder gold from the fallen dictator’s mansion.  🔊

As soon as the teens tried to plunder the ATM, an alarm sounded and sent them running from the scene.  🔊

The school bully will only plunder lunch money from the smaller kids.  🔊

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