Averse in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Averse

actively not liking something

Examples of Averse in a sentence

For those who are averse to spaghetti, you also have the meal choice of baked chicken with roasted potatoes.  🔊

My teenager daughter is averse to chores and usually has to be forced to complete her cleaning duties.  🔊

Because I am averse to risk, I never play casino games.  🔊

My children are quite averse to the suggestion of having year-round school.  🔊

Although Mary knows the advantages of using a microwave for food preparation, she is old-fashioned and averse to serving meals she has not personally prepared.  🔊

A former soldier, Jim is not averse to picking up a weapon to defend himself and his family.  🔊

Since my children are averse to broccoli, I have to hide the vegetable in their favorite dishes.  🔊

Marilyn is averse to conflict and goes out of her way to avoid disagreements.  🔊

Because we all know Betty is averse to heights, we were shocked when she took up skydiving.  🔊

After almost drowning as a child, I became averse to being near large bodies of water.  🔊

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