Milquetoast in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Milquetoast

a fearful or shy individual

Examples of Milquetoast in a sentence

As the milquetoast quietly shuffled down the street with his shoulders hunched, his eyes would dart around hoping no one would see him. 🔊

Being a new student at school, the milquetoast worried about the first day of school trying not to draw attention to himself. 🔊

Once the milquetoast conquered her dread of being in a large crowd, she would now speak up to express her opinion confidently. 🔊

Becoming very embarrassed whenever anyone looked at him, the milquetoast would look away and keep to himself at school. 🔊

Very few people knew the milquetoast who answered the phones in the front office due to a lack of anyone associating with her. 🔊

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