Ascendancy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ascendancy

a situation of power from which an individual can influence or direct other individuals

Examples of Ascendancy in a sentence

Jim is an arrogant man who believes he has an ascendancy that allows him to order his wife around like a slave.  🔊

As early as round three of the boxing match, Frazier had created an ascendancy that permitted him to easily knock Ali around the ring.  🔊

Wealthy people believe they have an ascendancy that gives them the right to criticize the lifestyles of poor people.  🔊

When Jim became an elected official, he gained an ascendancy that allowed him to change the lives of many people in his community.  🔊

The position of president comes with an ascendancy that has the authority to speak on behalf of an entire nation.  🔊

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