Peremptory in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Peremptory

used to describe an order, command, etc., that you must obey without any questions or excuses

Examples of Peremptory in a sentence

In a peremptory tone, the flight attendant told the passenger to either fasten his seatbelt or get off the plane. 🔊

The general gave the troops a peremptory order they had to obey.  🔊

Because Jack did not like following orders, he found it difficult to listen to his teacher’s peremptory instructions. 🔊

The prison guard spoke to the inmate in a peremptory tone.  🔊

Although Marie claims to be a good team player, she offends people with her habit of making peremptory suggestions that sound like final decisions.  🔊

Ignoring the judge’s peremptory request will get you placed behind bars!  🔊

When I was in high school, my mother gave me a peremptory curfew that required me to be in the house at eleven o’clock.  🔊

The lawyer used his last peremptory strike to have an unfriendly juror removed from the case.  🔊

To the nun, the Ten Commandments are peremptory rules that must be obeyed at all times.  🔊

In a peremptory voice, the principal ordered the students into his office.  🔊

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