Impetus in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Impetus

a force that causes something to be done or to become more active

Examples of Impetus in a sentence

1. The high crime rate was the impetus for the hiring of one hundred new police officers in our city. 🔉

2. Because the new president was once a military commander, he has a great deal of experience being an impetus for change. 🔉

3. The lack of donations is the impetus causing many non-profit agencies to reduce services offered to the public.  🔉

4. While my daughter normally hates to do her chores, her desire to earn extra money for a cellphone has become her impetus to be more helpful around the house. 🔉

5. The threat of my husband coming home is usually the only impetus needed to get my children to quickly clean their rooms. 🔉

6. When the dictator began to stockpile nuclear weapons, our government took his actions as an impetus to stockpile our own arms. 🔉

7. In the film, the leading character’s need to rescue his son is the impetus that drives the movie’s plot.  🔉

8. My doctor’s announcement that I had high blood pressure was the impetus that caused me to join a gym.  🔉

9. After the hurricane, the city managers viewed the devastating damage as an impetus to improve barriers between the ocean and the land. 🔉

10. The enzyme acted as an impetus and triggered a chemical reaction within the cell. 🔉

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