Ascribe in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Ascribe

attribute a cause or characteristic

Examples of Ascribe in a sentence

1. While you can sometimes ascribe these symptoms to allergies, I’m pretty sure you have a full-fledged cold. 🔉

2. The doctors tried to ascribe the baby’s condition to parental negligence, but tests showed that he had a rare virus. 🔉

3. Although Cathryn’s explanation of the poem was interesting, she wasn’t able to ascribe her interpretation to anything that made sense. 🔉

4. If you falsely ascribe the source of that comment to the wrong person, you can be sued for libel. 🔉

5. Michael desperately wanted to ascribe blame to someone else for the damage to the fender, but ultimately he accepted the responsibility. 🔉

6. If we were to ascribe the low attendance at the game to one specific reason, the rock concert across town would probably be the primary cause. 🔉

7. Professor Jarvis wanted to ascribe the old document to Shakespeare, but his colleagues demanded further analysis. 🔉

8. Because the doctor couldn’t ascribe Caroline’s symptoms to a specific cause, he ordered a battery of blood tests. 🔉

9. Just because the coach was recorded saying those things about the members of the opposing team, we can’t ascribe that attitude to the entire team. 🔉

10. When Clifford saw the glowing disc in the sky, his first reaction was to ascribe it to some kind of alien invasion. 🔉

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