Leniency in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Leniency

quality of mercy or forgiveness

Examples of Leniency in a sentence

Despite his history of violent, the judge decided to grant him leniency due to his quick admission of guilt. 🔊

Because he agreed to expose his supplier, the drug dealer was granted leniency in his sentencing. 🔊

Though they claim to be strict, the teachers often exercise leniency for those who normally behave. 🔊

Though not known for her leniency, the principle allowed the students misconduct to go unpunished. 🔊

Police may not need to practice leniency, but many officers do so for minor violations. 🔊

After pulling yet another prank, the student was surprised when he was granted leniency and only got a detention. 🔊

Since he had no history of priors, the thief begged the judge for some leniency. 🔊

When the judge is in a good mood, he is often known to show leniency. 🔊

In spite of his friendly demeanor, the enforcer showed no leniency, punishing the offender to the fullest extent. 🔊

The murderer knew it would be foolish to expect leniency from the judge. 🔊

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