Dispel in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Dispel

to cause to depart or be broken apart

Examples of Dispel in a sentence

The flowers from my husband do not dispel the fact I believe he is cheating on me. 🔊

When the president made his speech about the state of the country’s security, he hoped his words would dispel public fears.  🔊

The director of the disease center gave a press conference to dispel the myths about the Ebola virus. 🔊

Although Peg knew Sam had been in prison for assault, the knowledge was not enough to dispel the adoration she felt for him.  🔊

The National Guard was sent into the town to dispel the violent protests.  🔊

In the racist town, the well-known study does little to dispel the belief African Americans are intellectually inferior to Caucasians.  🔊

The atheist’s book aims to dispel the notion of a heavenly afterlife.  🔊

When the famous painting resurfaced after eighty years, an art expert was called in to dispel the rumor the artwork was fake.  🔊

Your theory is faulty because anyone can dispel the premise with a simple experiment.  🔊

For years, psychiatrists have sought to dispel the stigma that identifies depression as a choice and not an illness.  🔊

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