Asphyxiate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Asphyxiate

to stop the flow of air to a person’s lungs by obstructing their breathing pathway

Examples of Asphyxiate in a sentence

Detective Jones realized the killer did asphyxiate the victim by wrapping a belt around her throat and pulling it as tight as possible. 🔊

Exhaust fumes from the car would asphyxiate anyone who was trapped in the shut garage due to lack of oxygen. 🔊

Placing a baby face down in his crib could cause him to asphyxiate on his vomit since his face is surrounded by the bile. 🔊

Usually fires don’t kill people as much as the smoke since the lack of oxygen in the air will asphyxiate the people trapped inside the house. 🔊

By placing his hands around the woman’s neck to asphyxiate her, he squeezed as firmly as he could so he would block her airway. 🔊

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