Asunder in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Asunder

separate into distinct parts

Examples of Asunder in a sentence

When I learned my husband had been cheating on me, I felt as though my world had been blown asunder.  🔊

If the marital crisis tears the couple asunder, who do you think will keep the house?  🔊

The country has been torn asunder by an internal war that has divided it into a number of self-governing regions.  🔊

When the killer swung the axe, he ripped the door asunder.  🔊

The war has seen many families torn asunder as soldiers have left their homes to protect their country.  🔊

Even though the little girl tried to be careful in her long skirt, she still ripped the fabric asunder on the playground.  🔊

The unpopular selection of the cheerleading captain tore the once united squad asunder and into two different groups.  🔊

During a meeting with the marriage counselor, Jake said harsh words that hurt his wife and cut his marriage asunder.  🔊

The tiny boat was ripped asunder by the force of the hurricane.  🔊

When the bulldozer finally stopped, it had completely torn the abandoned building asunder.  🔊

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