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My husband James proves he is not craven every time he runs into a burning building to save a stranger. 🔊

When the company went bankrupt, the craven CEO quickly flew out of the country to avoid having to answer to his former employees. 🔊

Josh is such a craven individual that he did not bother to stand up for his wife when a stranger attacked her. 🔊

Are you so craven you will snitch on your friends to avoid getting into trouble? 🔊

The craven employee shocked everyone when he finally stood up to his mean boss. 🔊

While I was ready for the fistfight, my craven enemy started to scream for help. 🔊

The craven politician fled the scene when the media surrounded his office to question him about his indiscretions. 🔊

Because police officers must be fearless, craven people should not apply for positions in law enforcement. 🔊

The craven soldier deserted his post and ran away from the battle. 🔊

After the craven kitten climbed the tree, it became so frightened it would not return to the ground. 🔊

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