Audacity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Audacity

a confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude

Examples of Audacity in a sentence

To everyone’s surprise, Jackie had the audacity to invite herself to her rival’s wedding. 🔊

Only Frank had the audacity to call our boss a bully. 🔊

Can you believe Maggie had the audacity to threaten to call the police on her noisy neighbors? 🔊

The pirates had the audacity to try and steal the presidential yacht. 🔊

Even when Mitchell knew he was about to be arrested for selling drugs, he had the audacity to continue to sell his products on the street corner. 🔊

My sister Sarah once had the audacity to jump on the stage with her favorite singer. 🔊

When the company used a nude toddler in its advertising campaign, it shocked everyone with its audacity. 🔊

After robbing the bank, the robber had the audacity to leave an insulting note for the police. 🔊

Even though the queen admired the young woman’s audacity, she was quick to let her know she was not fit to marry the prince. 🔊

I can’t believe my ex-husband had the audacity to ask me to spend time with his girlfriend! 🔊

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