Gauche in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gauche

lacking class or manners; awkward; tactless

Examples of Gauche in a sentence

His gauche table manners make me cringe, especially when he tries to talk with his mouth full.  🔊

Because everyone assumed that he is just a typical gauche adolescent, no one believed he could have produced such a sophisticated work of art.  🔊

Even though the comic’s act was crude and gauche, he filled the club to overflowing every night.  🔊

Despite his promise that he would stay awake during the entire opera, Carl was already producing a gauche snorting sound within fifteen minutes of the overture.  🔊

Although Selena made several gauche attempts to fit in with the popular crowd, at lunchtime she always found herself stuck at the table with the nerds.  🔊

Flannery O’Connor was well-known for creating stories that featured grotesque characters with gauche behaviors.  🔊

Many of the old families in town are horrified by the gauche upstarts who are using new money to tear down classic old homes to build modern eyesores.  🔊

Most young ladies avoid going into that bar because they have a particularly gauche clientele who don’t care about following the simplest rules of etiquette.  🔊

It’s simply a matter of taste whether you believe that a vacation in Las Vegas is a grand adventure or an exercise in gauche excessiveness.  🔊

While Sherrie didn’t want to seem gauche, she felt she had to ask her blind date if they were going for their own dinner bills.  🔊

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