Auspicious in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Auspicious

being a sign of future success; indicating a promising future

Examples of Auspicious in a sentence

1. His brilliant acceptance speech was an auspicious start to his political career. 🔉

2. Everybody knows the end of the year is an auspicious time to buy a car! 🔉

3. Because everyone was happy and feeling generous at the party, it was an auspicious time to ask for charitable donations. 🔉

4. In Chinese culture, the shade of red is considered auspicious so Chinese men often wear red ties to important meetings. 🔉

5. After winning the swimming portion of the triathlon, the athlete seemed well on his way to having an auspicious Olympic debut. 🔉

6. As Janice looked up at the darkening clouds, she realized today was not going to be auspicious for a picnic. 🔉

7. Since his father was a state judge, Henry was born with an auspicious legal career ahead of him. 🔉

8. After his boss praised him for his work on the big project, Sam felt it was an auspicious time to ask for a promotion. 🔉

9. When the president took his oath without missing a word, everyone noted the event as an auspicious occasion. 🔉

10. With an auspicious start, the Jamaican runner was first off the block. 🔉

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