Transcendent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Transcendent

surpassing the ordinary; exceptional

Examples of Transcendent in a sentence

To many, a god is a transcendent being who has powers that exceed those of mere mortals.  🔊

Experts are looking into the sequence of genetic alterations that allowed the transcendent mutation scientists recently discovered.  🔊

In order to completely identify with the plot of the science fiction movie, you must be able to consider the idea of transcendent experiences that allow people to enter the minds of others.  🔊

The love-struck boy grew faint and felt as though he was having a transcendent occurrence every time he encountered the girl of his dreams.  🔊

Even though the young man is a grocery clerk during the day, at night he becomes an exotic dancer who takes women into a transcendent world of fantasy.  🔊

The purpose of transcendent art is to transport art lovers into vivid worlds they normally would not encounter.  🔊

When the little boy played a transcendent tune on the flute, the snake started to weave from side to side and eventually returned to its basket.  🔊

Beth describes her meeting with her favorite singer as a transcendent moment that changed her life.  🔊

Out of all of the people who have attended the sacred temple, half of them claim to have had transcendent experiences with heavenly creatures.  🔊

The scientist had a lot of transcendent theories that did not sit well with his conservative peers.  🔊

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