Automotive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Automotive

pertaining to a car or other powered automobile

Examples of Automotive in a sentence

After wrecking my car at the intersection, I took my damaged Honda Accord to the automotive center for repairs. 🔊

Since I couldn’t buff the dents out of my car door, the mechanic suggested replacing the door and using automotive paint so the car would be the same color. 🔊

An automotive expert was called to the stand to testify that only a car made prior to 1977 could have produced those tire impressions at the crime scene. 🔊

When the check engine light came on, Phillip consulted his automotive guide to see what the car manufacturer recommended could be the problem. 🔊

As the new homeowner looked around the garage, he noticed an automotive engine sitting in the corner that belonged to a car from the house’s previous owner. 🔊

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