Mandamus in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mandamus

a legal order from a higher court to a lower court to perform a required task

Examples of Mandamus in a sentence

In order to fix the problems of justice, a mandamus was required by the Supreme Court to have the State Court execute a state of emergency.  🔊

When the state failed to pay its teachers, the department issued a petition of mandamus to the upper court so that it would cause the teachers to get paid.  🔊

As the local court refused to carry out the verdict, a threat of mandamus was made that would seek justice from a higher court.  🔊

When the judge refused to allow immigrants to be deported, a writ of mandamus was issued to the next court requesting the judge to do his job.  🔊

Once the writ of mandamus was executed, the lower court knew that they would have to follow through with the initial outcome of their case.  🔊

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