Avert in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Avert

to stop an incident from occurring

Examples of Avert in a sentence

I always avert my eyes to avoid seeing the bloody movie scenes.  🔊

If management wants to avert a strike, then it will increase the wages of the employees.  🔊

The government is going to decrease taxes to avert an economic depression.  🔊

To avert a loss in the big game, the team needs to focus on playing as a single unit.  🔊

No matter what you do you cannot avert death.  🔊

After the terrorist attacks, the government established a domestic security agency to help avert future tragedies.  🔊

By placing yellow tape around the crime scene, the police are trying to avert contamination of the evidence.  🔊

By exercising proper dental hygiene, you can easily avert tooth decay.  🔊

The leaders of the two countries are working hard to avert a war between their nations.  🔊

What measures can we take to avert the closing of the factory?  🔊

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