Mutilate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mutilate

to permanently disfigure something, usually by cutting or removing parts

Examples of Mutilate in a sentence

It is hard to believe that parents in some cultures mutilate their daughter’s genitals through religious-based surgeries. 🔊

The killer coldly chose to mutilate and disfigure his victim’s body before taking her life. 🔊

Invaders went to great lengths to mutilate the beautiful paintings on the temple walls, permanently destroying the displays. 🔊

The girl wanted to pierce her ears but her old-fashioned grandmother refused to let her mutilate herself, even with a tiny hole. 🔊

The up-and-coming band thought they performed a great cover of the song, but the original performer would cringe if they heard them mutilate and maim the classic. 🔊

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