Contraband in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contraband

items that are illegally transported

Examples of Contraband in a sentence

The inmate’s wife was arrested for trying to bring contraband into the jail.  🔊

At the airport, carryon bags are inspected to ensure passengers are not attempting to transport contraband.  🔊

The man trains dogs to sniff out contraband hidden in suitcases and other objects.  🔊

When the police searched the suspect’s vehicle, they looked for weapons, drugs, and other types of contraband.  🔊

The counselor at the weight loss camp confiscated the unhealthy snacks as contraband.  🔊

After the inmate was caught distributing contraband, he was placed in isolation for two weeks.  🔊

Drug smugglers must be very creative when they transport contraband into the country.  🔊

Despite the threats made on his life, the honest fisherman refused to carry contraband on his boat.  🔊

As soon as the principal found contraband in the student’s locker, he called the police to report the guns and knives.  🔊

When airport police found the snake in Matt’s suitcase, they confiscated the reptile and arrested Matt for moving contraband.  🔊

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