Awning in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Awning

an overhang usually attached to a building that is used to block inclement weather conditions like snow, rain, or excessive sunlight

Examples of Awning in a sentence

They dashed under an awning to escape the sudden downpour.  🔊

She kissed him under the awning of a falafel stand as they waited for their taxi to arrive.  🔊

During her son's baseball game, the sweltering mother found shelter from the suns blistering rays beneath the awning of the concession stand.  🔊

She looked out from beneath the shade of the awning on their back deck and searched for her husband's tiny boat on the horizon.  🔊

They huddled beneath the snow-laden awning over their porch and watched as the snowflakes swirled through the air.  🔊

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