Brocade in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Brocade

a thick patterned material sometimes made with gold coloring

Examples of Brocade in a sentence

Making my dress from brocade may cause discomfort for me since it will feel so weighted down as I walk. 🔊

Mansions require heavy drapes typically made from brocade so that substantial fabric can withstand the draft from the windows. 🔊

After entering the fabric store, the clerk became breathless from forcefully pulling yards of the brocade from the fabric bolt. 🔊

In order to determine whether brocade would match the other heavy-duty pillow covers in the preschool classroom, a swatch was given. 🔊

In the snow storm, the woman took her jacket made of brocade so that she would be very warm. 🔊

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