Baccalaureate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Baccalaureate

a typical four-year degree from a college or university

Examples of Baccalaureate in a sentence

In order for the college student to receive her baccalaureate, she must pass another math class.  🔊

Tiffany met the qualifications for the nursing job since her baccalaureate proved she had graduated from college.  🔊

The program for a baccalaureate at this school consisted of eight semesters of satisfactory work on a collegiate level.  🔊

Once her baccalaureate was completed, the woman decided to continue her education and purse a master’s degree.  🔊

While pursuing her baccalaureate, Denise was unsure whether she should major in education, engineering or nursing.  🔊

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