Barrage in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Barrage

a large volume of something, or a large number of things happening all at once

Examples of Barrage in a sentence

Even though Mrs. Anderson knew that her students would probably barrage her with whines and complaints, she assigned fifty pages of reading to be done over the holidays.  🔊

The attorney asked the reporters not to barrage his client with questions until he had made a statement.  🔊

The company spent millions on advertising in the hope that customers would barrage their call center with hundreds of requests for the product.  🔊

Rachel knew that hearing her son’s voice on the recording was bound to barrage her with memories and emotions.  🔊

It looks as though the sky will open up and barrage us with rain and hailstones at any minute.  🔊

Mr. Mendez loves to have discussions with his employees and doesn’t mind it when they barrage him with their questions and concerns.  🔊

Little Sophia climbed onto Santa’s lap and immediately began to barrage him with all her demands for toys.  🔊

Rocky took a moment to wipe the sweat and blood from his eyes, then he began to barrage his opponent with punches to the torso until the end of the round.  🔊

The commander sent the Red Team into enemy territory to barrage the unsuspecting foe with a series of calculated attacks.  🔊

As soon as Bill slipped the engagement ring on Gloria’s finger, she began to barrage him with extravagant ideas for the wedding.  🔊

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