Bastion in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Bastion

an individual or object dedicated to a belief or idea

Examples of Bastion in a sentence

In the film, the princess believed the wise old man was her last bastion of hope. 🔊

While the library was once a bastion of knowledge through reading, today many libraries spend the majority of their funds on electronic resources.  🔊

The majority of blue-collar workers tend to make up the bastion of support for the Democratic political party. 🔊

Even though computers can calculate profits and losses very quickly, veteran accountants tend to stick with the bastion of the accounting world, ledgers and pencils.  🔊

Many people consider radio to be the final bastion of analog amusement.  🔊

For many immigrants, our country is seen as a bastion of freedom where they can live without fear of being wrongly persecuted.  🔊

The elderly hotel owner continued to be a bastion for a quiet vacation and refused to put telephones and televisions in his hotel rooms.  🔊

Because only one men’s club remained in the city, it was regarded as the last bastion of male privacy and privilege to its few lucky members.  🔊

The millionaire’s isolated island was viewed as a bastion of solitude.  🔊

In the war torn city, the church building stood out as the last bastion of faith.  🔊

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