Benediction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Benediction

a brief prayer asking for a blessing or help

Examples of Benediction in a sentence

In the hospital chapel, we said a benediction asking God to heal our mother. 🔊

The priest made a benediction of blessings for the newly baptized infant. 🔊

Even though Derek does not believe in God, he politely closed his eyes during the benediction at the end of the meeting. 🔊

Today the Pope will make a benediction for all those who are sick and hungry. 🔊

Once the minister made the closing benediction, everyone went outside for the Easter egg hunt. 🔊

At the end of the church service, the assistant pastor made a special benediction for all the families displaced by the hurricane. 🔊

The atheist was allowed to leave the school auditorium before the benediction. 🔊

Before the church leader dismissed the children from Sunday School class, he gave a benediction for their safe travels during the storm. 🔊

I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state and do not believe children should begin their school days with a benediction. 🔊

Right before the man took his last breath, the priest said a benediction for him. 🔊

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