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Definition of Funeral

a ceremony held by family members to honor and bid farewell to the deceased

Examples of Funeral in a sentence

We have to hold a funeral for my Uncle, who died a few days ago, but I don’t have any black clothes to wear to it.  🔊

In the past, when an honorable Viking died, his funeral would involve being sent out to sea, where he would be cremated with fire arrows.  🔊

While most funerals today include the deceased already being in a coffin, many societies in the past chose to cremate the bodies instead so they could spread their ashes.  🔊

Many people came to my great grandfather’s funeral, though I do not know most of them personally, being friends of someone so much older than me.  🔊

It is sobering to prepare for a funeral, but my least favorite part is searching for a coffin to hold the deceased.  🔊

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