Besmirchment in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Besmirchment

an insult or slander

Examples of Besmirchment in a sentence

The besmirchment on Berthold’s noble name could not stand, and he challenged his aggravator to an honorable duel. 🔊

If the school bully speaks a besmirchment to you, you should come up with an even more creative insult rather than resorting to violence. 🔊

I hated to speak a besmirchment about Reiner, but I couldn’t deny that he was a bit of a liar and couldn’t be trusted. 🔊

Unwilling to tolerate the besmirchment, the noble challenged the man that had insulted him to a duel.  🔊

The worst besmirchment you can direct at a young man is to insult his mother or his sister.  🔊

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