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There are some people who truly believe that the recent natural disasters are an indictment against Man’s lack of respect for the planet.  🔊

Stacy broke down sobbing when she heard about the indictment that had been handed down on the charge of embezzling.  🔊

Although some people deny the reality of global warming, others consider it an indictment on industry by the universe.  🔊

Finding himself under indictment for fraud, Howard worried that his Zurich accounts had been discovered.  🔊

The senator’s indictment of the education system was completely misdirected; the state’s educators were doing the best they could with the funding they had.  🔊

Based on the new evidence presented by the defense, the judge dismissed the indictment and released the accused.  🔊

The fact that so many of the homeless have mental issues is a direct indictment against the mental health system.  🔊

Three persons of interest told a completely different story, making it impossible for the grand jury to hand down an indictment.  🔊

Wednesday’s indictment marked the seventh one handed down in the insider trading case.  🔊

The attorney advised his client to plead guilty to all but one count of the indictment.  🔊

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