Blindly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Blindly

doing something in an unaware manner, without thinking about the conditions or without protest

Examples of Blindly in a sentence

Molly blindly trusted the smooth-talking car salesman since she really wanted the car to run well even though the engine’s noise was loud.  🔊

Since the mother blindly believed her son’s lies, many teachers believed she would never admit that her son did anything wrong even if she witnessed his bad behavior.  🔊

Vulnerable young people will blindly join a cult since they aren’t willing to question or explore about the cult prior to entering.  🔊

Instead of looking at his checkbook, the man blindly recited his checking account number hoping he got each number correct.  🔊

Without researching about the job, the young man blindly accepted the position since he didn’t feel like looking at the company’s reviews.  🔊

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