Adduction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Adduction

the act of bringing a body part usually an arm or leg inward to the middle part of the body

Examples of Adduction in a sentence

When the patient’s adduction of her knee up to her waist caused agonizing pain, the doctor recommended that she return to standing straight on her two feet.  🔊

With their arms outstretched first, the officer gave a command for the adduction of the soldiers’ arms to immediately be drawn down to their sides.  🔊

Exercises will frequently call for the fitness enthusiasts to perform an adduction with both of their limbs because moving them to their bodies allowed the inner muscles to be tightened.  🔊

During her physical therapy sessions, the patient laid on her back with the therapist moving her knee closer to her midsection during the adduction.  🔊

Since the man tore his shoulder joint, the adduction of pushing his arm to the side of his body created a lot of pain.  🔊

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