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Definition of Talisman

a charm worn or kept to bring good fortune and ward off evil; lucky charm

Examples of Talisman in a sentence

The gambler would not play a single game unless his talisman was in his shirt pocket. 🔊

Throughout my grandmother’s ninety-five years of life, she rarely went a day without her favorite talisman around her neck. 🔊

When Janet lost her talisman, she knew she would be forever troubled by a run of bad luck. 🔊

The good witch placed a talisman around the young girl’s neck to protect her from the dark witch’s powers. 🔊

After hearing a bedtime story, the innocent boy began to believe a rabbit’s foot was the one talisman that could save his dying mother. 🔊

Catherine believed if she destroyed the talisman she would have seven years of misfortune. 🔊

When the soldier was questioned about surviving the fierce battle, he told everyone his good fortune was because of his talisman, his wife’s picture inside of his helmet. 🔊

The leprechaun rewarded the kind stranger by giving him a talisman that led to a buried treasure. 🔊

In my grandfather’s cabin, there is a horseshoe-shaped talisman that promises good fortune to everyone who enters the comfortable residence. 🔊

The knight believed the talisman on his shirt would protect him during battle. 🔊

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