Fictional in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fictional

grounded in fantasy: not real

Examples of Fictional in a sentence

Alice in Wonderland is a fictional tale, made obvious enough by the unrealistic events and occurrences that take place in the story. 🔊

While a history book or autobiography is a work of non-fiction, a book like Harry Potter is fiction, full of imaginative things that aren’t real. 🔊

The idea that the Earth is flat is completely fictional, already disproven by our own forays into space and common sense. 🔊

Personally I prefer fictional stories, as it is much more fun to read the product of someone’s creativity over boring factual information. 🔊

While a fictional book like Lord of the Rings has no basis in reality, it is still fun to read because the imaginary places and characters are intriguing. 🔊

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