Cagey in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cagey

uncommunicative; unwilling or hesitant to give information

Examples of Cagey in a sentence

Coca Cola acted in a very cagey fashion when I attempted to find out the ingredients of their soft drinks. 🔊

The tight lipped and cagey White House spokesmen knew that if he let one wrong word slip, a catastrophe could result. 🔊

Although Molly enjoyed the date, she was turned off by how cagey Bruce was when it came to talking about his family. 🔊

The wine manufacturer acted in a cagey manner when it came to disclosing exactly what goes into creating one of their fine bottles of wine. 🔊

Unlike Tom who is uncommunicative and cagey, his brother Frank is a loudmouth who will spill any secret. 🔊

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