Furtive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Furtive

marked by quiet, caution, and secrecy

Examples of Furtive in a sentence

When the professor turned his back, the cheating student cast a furtive glance at his neighbor's test paper.  🔊

Crissy walked outside in a furtive manner so that her parents would not see her.  🔊

Though he was furtive with his tears, I could still visibly see them.  🔊

The inmate made several furtive attempts to escape from prison.  🔊

Because the thief was furtive, nobody discovered that he stole thousands of dollars in merchandise.  🔊

When family went out for lunch, the furtive dog pawed his way up the counter and snagged a bone.  🔊

When the boss was not looking, the furtive employer sent text messages to friends.  🔊

Timothy made furtive glances to his crush rather than making apparent eye contact.  🔊

Mexican prisoners made a furtive escape by digging a tunnel, leaving police officials in disbelief in how this was secretly accomplished.  🔊

Jonny waited until everyone left the room to do his furtive nose-picking.  🔊

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