Cajolery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cajolery

flattery and gentle pleading done on purpose to persuade someone to do something

Examples of Cajolery in a sentence

No amount of cajolery could convince Doris to hand us the keys to her car, so we took it for a ride without permission. 🔊

Since cajolery was not working, they switched tactics and started to threaten Danial that if he would not comply they would beat him up. 🔊

I used a mixture of cajolery and persuasion to convinced Trish to set up a blind date with my brother Jerome. 🔊

In politics you must be skillful in the use of cajolery if you intend to win others to your side. 🔊

The investigator juggled between cajolery and intimidation in his attempt to get the spy to talk. 🔊

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